Spring Cleaning Music Mix: Who Knew Hibernation Lasted until May?

so we’ve been absent from this blog for a while. and while making excuses is unnecessary, there’s a wheelbarrow of reasons why. nothing dramatic. the beginning of 2013 unleashed a whirlwind of friends, family, and work drama all over us. we’ve been blessed to have friends and family who have come to spend time with us, and invited us to things, and generally just wanted to be around. in 2013 we’ve: had our home broken in to and been robbed like we actually owned things worth stealing; successfully hosted a new year’s party, engagement party, and 21st birthday party; added a new and lawless brown bear to our family (a puppy named Fuller); helped in the planning and dress hunt of two weddings; hosted guests for 10 weekends; went on one 30 mile hike; seen three shows with bands we love; and worked infinity overtime hours while doing all of the latter.  we’ve been busy like bees, so keeping our home as clean as we prefer it has been a challenge. when there’s an unending stream of foot traffic through your home it’s tough to do anything but vacuum, dust, load the dishwasher and change bed sheets for the new bodies coming to sleep in them. everyone knows what it’s like to surface clean as company’s walking up to your front porch. we’ve had a blast this year, and our house certainly reflects it.hibernation party

as spring approaches everyone talks about “spring cleaning,” and though we’re a month late, i think we’re ready to take a little of that on. while you’re probably thinking, “wow, these people must live like animals” i’d like to offer in our defense that here in pittsburgh we only just started seeing spring weather. so our hibernation stage lasts many weeks longer than the traditionally and seasonally tidy person might expect. since we dahntahnbrowns listen to music around the house on a nearly 24/7 basis, we of course thought it appropriate to put together a spring cleaning mix. lyrically only a handful of these songs have anything to do with keeping house, or reflect the sentiment things being dirty, but should at least serve to keep you moving.

if there are any other songs, whether motivationally appropriate, or lyrically associated let us know! we’d love to hear about the songs that get you motivated to do a less than inspiring list of chores, and then we’ll add them to the playlist above.


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